At Fish Hoek we believe winemaking is an art that is best kept simple. We focus on the highest quality 100% single grape varieties, allowing the purity of taste to speak for itself.

Our founder, internationally renowned Master winemaker, Bruce Jack , challenged himself to create a wine that wouldn’t be able to hide behind all the pomp, jargon and mystery usually associated with premium wines.

This is why it’s imperative that we source only the best quality grapes from the Western Cape region. Our
single-minded focus on producing delicious single varietal wines means we don’t have the luxury of blending
away minor imperfections.

And now, through our international Fairtrade certification we’re providing wine lovers with a simple way to help overcome complex socio-economic and environmental issues by contributing to the improvement of working and living conditions for farming communities in the Western Cape.

Bruce Jack’s vision for Fish Hoek wine is being carried through today by passionate winemaker, Karen Bruwer.